About me

Hello, nice meeting you :-)


My name is Monica Bermudez, I have Spanish roots but I was born and raised in Vilvoorde, Belgium.


I am passionate about dance, yoga, harmony, personal growth, healthy food and beauty. Thanks to my high sensitivity, I can enjoy my passions even more.


At the age of 6 I started with rhythmic gymnastics, ballet, aerobics, dance, and later in my life yoga. I loved sharing my experience and guiding others so I started teaching myself at the age of 14.


After working for multinationals for more than 25 years, I started to struggle with health problems. I didn't feel comfortable in the corporate world and I couldn't be myself. My body gave me signs that it was time to change my life. In 2016 I decided to follow an Ashtanga yoga course. There, after many tears, the real Monica appeared! It was okay to be insecure, make mistakes, and just be myself without being judged. I was told I am more than OK the way I am! That I don't have to justify myself to anyone. That love starts with me! With self-acceptance! With respect to myself! By setting my own limits! Yoga brings me back to myself, a place where everything is good. Where I find peace and balance,


I also have a passion for clothing and color. Everyone is beautiful and unique. When you achieve inner and outer balance and you learn how to accentuate the strengths of your body through clothing and color, you will radiate self confidence, harmony, beauty and authenticity. Dare to be authentic!


Harmony is central in my life, that's  why I chosen 'Armonia Passion' as the name of my company. Armonia = Spanish for harmony.


My motto of life: "Mens sana in corpore sano" or "a healthy mind in a healthy body"!


Namasté, Monica


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